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3 Reasons to Start Using Snapchat to Grow Your Business


Update: As of January 2017 I have decided to move ‘snapping’ over to Instagram Stories. However, everything below is still relevant to IG Stories, so carry on reading / watching!

It took me a while to be convinced that Snapchat was going to be worthwhile for me to invest time into, from a business perspective.

Earlier in 2015 my good friend Lewis Howes was in town to speak at the conference which I host in the Philippines each year, Tropical Think Tank. One evening as we were sitting on the beach chatting away, he took out his phone and starting ‘snapchatting’. I’d heard of the app, but had no idea what it was really all about – he tried to convince me it was awesome and that I should get active on it. He didn’t do a very good job of it, as I dismissed it almost immediately.

Later in the year when I was in the UK keynoting an event with my favourite online video darling, Amy Schmittauer, she also started talking about it, and was openly ‘snapping’ in front of me the entire time we were hanging out. She also tried to show me how to use the app – again, I was confused as hell and dismissed it very quickly.

Then, just recently, as I sat at the table enjoying a post Christmas snack and drink with my 17-year old daughter, Chloe, she took out her phone and starting ‘snapchatting’. This is it, I thought, I’ve gotta get to grips with this bloody thing, and figure out why everyone is going so goo-goo of this app.

10-minutes later, I was hooked.

She was able to achieve what Lewis and Amy had failed at – show me exactly how easy it was to use the app (I had downloaded it before 4-times and given up each time, deleting it over and over) and how fast I could be consuming content from people that I cared about, and wanted to learn from.

I instantly followed Lewis and Amy. Then Gary Vaynerchuk. After I watched a few of his videos, I needed no more convincing.

I’ve been ‘snapping’ daily ever since.

To learn how to quickly and easily setup your own Snapchat account, check out this excellent tutorial by Kristi Hines on Social Media Examiner.

Behind the Scenes

As mentioned at the top of the post, I’ve decided that I’m going to use Instagram as my ‘behind the scenes’ platform. People often ask me what a regular day for me looks like, where I work, what I do, where I go, etc. So, that’s what you’re gonna be getting from me on IG.

Please download the app (available for both iOS and Andriod) and add me.

In the meantime, check out the quick video above (which I took from a much longer #DuckerScope broadcast) which gives you three very, very solid reasons as to why you should be using Snapchat to grow your business in 2016.

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