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How to Create and Promote a Blog Post ‘Perfectly’ Every Time

Important Note: The ‘Process Blueprint’ featured in this post is one of our monthly deliverables at These workflow process documents, along with other exclusive content, as well as our private mastermind forums make up the Youpreneur Community. It’ll all help you build your business better! For more info click here!

When I think about creating and getting a new blog post out there into the world, I look at four main areas that need to be covered, pretty much in the same way, every time. Creation, Layout, Promotion and On-Going Marketing.

It’s true, almost the entire process can be delegated to a virtual assistant, but the creation side of things is all done by you. It has to be handled by you – after all, your community / audience is tuning in because of you, your expertise, your voice and what you’re all about – as well as the value that only you can bring to them.

Like most pieces of content that you’ll produce as an online business owner, blog posts are much easier to research, create and design when there’s a system, or process in place. Not to mention how to actually promote a blog post when it’s finalized! So, I thought it might be helpful for you to check out the Process Blueprint below, so that you can take your blogging to the next level.

You can use this workflow as a guide for yourself to follow, or simply hand off to a team member – once you’ve written that content yourself!

blog post process

It’s following processes and systems like the blueprint above that’s enabled me to grow my online brand, reputation and community faster than I ever would have been able to – if I was just knocking things together as and when I felt like it.

It’s this methodic approach to building a business, as well as the focus on surrounding yourself with the right, like-minded people that we’re all about inside of the Youpreneur Community.

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