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The Top 10 Small Business & Entrepreneur Blogs of 2013

TOP 10 BUSINESS BLOGS 2013As a small business owner myself, I know how important it is to stay up-to-date with the ever changing trends that the business world throws at us.

I watch very little TV and I don’t read the newspapers. I rely entirely on the internet, and my iPad to stay up to date with whats going on in the world. When I want to focus on business, and the developments that affect me as a small business owner myself, I turn to blogs. Bloggers have the ability to express themselves in somewhat ‘real time’. They can keep their content fresh, and their opinions can be heard quickly.

However, in the world of business blogs there is a lot of noise. A lot of people are trying to get your attention, and with only so many minutes a day to devote to learning and consuming content (personally, I put aside around 30-45 minutes daily), you’ve got to be very strict with who’s content you make time for.

This is the reason why I’ve put this list together. This is not about online business, or online marketing. That’s another list entirely. This collection of blogs are my personal favorite / go-to people in the world of small business blogging. Individually they strike a chord with me enough to keep me coming back for more – over and over again.

Note: These blogs are listed in no particular order of preference, or influence. 

1. Guy Kawasaki’s ‘How to Change the World’

I like guy’s writing. I like his opinions. But, most of all, I like his style. This guy just delivers over and over again. His skill level when it comes to giving people what they need and want (sometimes without even knowing it, is what keeps me glued to his stuff. My only wish is that he’d blog more often!

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2. Seth Godin’s Blog

Seth Godin is an all-star marketer and author. He’s one of those people that puts out so much amazingly helpful, insightful and motivational content that it’s hard to keep up with him. His books, coupled together with his blog have been a regular part of my business information diet for years.

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3. James Altucher’s ‘The Altucher Confidential’

I’ve only just recently discovered James, and I’ve been kicking myself since (while enjoying his stuff) for not finding him sooner. His opinions are smart, savvy and above all memorable. His writing is ‘just enough’, even though some of of his posts can be seen as a little long for some people. Loving me a little Altucher at the moment!

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4. Danny Brown’s Blog

Danny is one of the very few non-American (he’s from Scotland originally) bloggers, authors, speakers and thought leaders genuinely crushing it online today. His stuff is simply brilliant. Seriously, I’ve been reading and watching Danny for years – and he never fails to deliver. Yet to meet him – hope that changes soon.

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5. Tim Ferriss’ ‘Experiments in Lifestyle Design’

Almost every entrepreneur I come into contact with today knows Tim Ferriss. His 4-Hour Work Week book is essential reading for every small business owner out there, and his blog should be on that list, too. Although recently he’s focused more on the health and diet / lifestyle side of things, just watching Tim market his stuff is a lesson in itself.

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6. Chris Brogan’s Blog

Chris is a top guy. He really knows the social web, and he knows marketing – better than most. He blogs practically every day, on a plethora of topics, but is mostly known for his small business marketing and growth advice. Not just a great blogger, Chris has also written countless books which should all be devoured!

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7. Derek Halpern’s ‘Social Triggers’

Derek is as rough around the edges as he is as pretty to watch on video! He’s a sharp, straight shooting marketing and biz whiz. Combine phycology, sales and overall business savviness and you’ve got the brilliance that is his blog and podcast. You can always expect nothing but ‘high protein’ from Derek. No fluff. Ever.

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8. John Jantsch’s ‘Duct Tape Marketing’

John and his team put out some of the best marketing know-how content online. It’s his straight forward, easy to understand and digest format that attracts the hoards of fans that he has to his blog, books and podcast on a regular basis. When it comes to all-out hard core marketing advice, there aren’t that many that compare to John.

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9. Peter Shankman’s Blog

I’ve been a big Peter Shankman fan for years. When I saw him keynote at BlogWorld in LA a few years back he made me laugh and cry (literally) and laugh again within 30mins! He is as smart as they come, and super approachable to boot. We’ve become buddies, but I don’t say these things because of that. I strongly believe he is ahead of the curve, compared to many other ‘thought leaders’ out there.

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10. Anita Campbell’s ‘Small Business Trends’

And finally, but by no means least, Anita’s blog and overall ‘small biz’ brand. Not only is the content on this blog some of the best out there, when it comes to serious small business advice, but the sheer volume of whats available is nothing short of impressive. Anita is lovely, and her team is excellent at keeping things really fresh and up-to-date. This should be bookmarked. Plain and simple.

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As the title will no doubt explain, these are MY top ten choices when it comes to regular reading online. What are yours?

BONUS – My ‘New Business’ Blog & Podcast (Added November 19, 2013)

Sorry, but I had to add this on the list – too many people have suggested I do it, so I’ve pulled the trigger!!! I love blogging and helping everyone that visits this site (regularly, or just as one-off visitors) in whatever way possible. If there’s a piece of content I’ve not created that you’d like to see from me, please let me know by commenting below, or tweeting me.

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Share your fave’s in the comment section below, and feel free to include a link to YOUR blog, too (if you’re blogging – not just ‘marketing!) – I’d love to check it out!

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