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27 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Utilize the Power of Virtual Staff!

In late 2009 I hit a brick wall. I burned out. I’d been working 15-16 hour days for close to 3-years, building my company. We were doing well, growing and serving our clients professionally in the process.

However, I was a total wreck. I was a waste of space as a business owner, and a very, very absent husband and father. Things had to change. And they did.

Watch the video below to find out how. Seriously. Do it now!

Watch this video on YouTube, if you prefer.

Now that you know what I did to get over my own entrepreneurial issues, or ‘Superhero Syndrome’ as I refer to it in my new book, lets focus on getting you sorted out, okay?!!

Lets not hold up this party any further. Below are 27 reasons why, after all the changes I’ve made to the way I run and grow my businesses (and all the mistakes I’ve made – and learned from – along the way!), I believe every entrepreneur should be utilizing the sheer power of hiring and working with virtual staff.

Battling Superhero Syndrome

1. Working with virtual staff allows you to stop the long-winded, stressful days most entrepreneurs force on themselves, because they believe “If you want something done right, you do it yourself!”

2. Teaming up with VA’s is more than about finding someone to e-mail tasks to. It’s about establishing clarity in your business.

3. Start outsourcing tasks that you do not particularly like to do, or that you struggle with (be honest, there’s plenty of those tasks!), so you can focus working on your business instead of being trapped, working in your business.

4. Building your virtual team will allow you to fall in love with, and to start running your business again – instead of having your business run you!

The World is Your Hiring Oyster

5. You don’t have to worry about geographical constraints when hiring the right people for the job. With virtual staff, the world truly is your oyster.

6. Virtual staffing allows for quick and easy hiring for one-time jobs and one-off projects – promoting earlier completion.

7. Having a virtual team means you don’t have to worry about where to put your staff, or other office needs.

8. If your business offers its services 24/7, it can run non-stop thanks to separate time zones and (sometimes) opposite sleeping schedules for both you and your virtual staff.

9. When working with VAs, you have the ability to manage them from your very own home, or while traveling the world.

virtual freedom beachCheck out this awesome snapshot from reader, Mark (USA)

Social Media Sanity

10. Work with a General VA to extract yourself from time-consuming revolving tasks, like answering initial inquiries that come in via the numerous social media channels you’re no doubt currently managing yourself.

11. Have your GVA update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts with new content links and more.

12. Working with a Graphic Designer VA to design social images for sharing and promotion means your stuff will look amazing – instead of just thrown together by ‘you know who’ (read: you!).

13. Web Developer VAs customizing in Facebook Apps will help increase opt-in rates, hence growing your marketing list and ultimately your business.

Note: You should handle the ‘interacting’ on social media. Not your VAs!


More Time = More Quality, Everywhere!

14. Having a virtual team take care of mundane tasks for you allows you to spend more time with your loved ones.

15. Virtual staff can help you avoid entrepreneur burn-out and keep you focused on what’s important for your business.

16. Want to hit that conference, or mastermind session? Handing over tasks to virtual workers allows you to travel more and make a difference in your networking.

17. While you sleep, your overseas VAs are busting their humps for you. You need more sleep. Really, you do!

18. Injecting more time into every day by working closely with virtual staff allows you to switch off more regularly. Your family will enjoy the additional vacation time, trust me!

You Like Money? Good. Save Some of It!

19. While outsourcing isn’t always ‘cheap’ (a quality virtual team does deserve to be paid well), it certainly is cost-effective – especially when you’re just starting out.

20. Most start-up and small businesses don’t need a full-time in-house graphic designer, or web developer. Which makes outsourcing on a project basis perfect, as you only spend when you need to.

21. Extremely high-end, technically skilled employees can cost a small fortune if hired domestically. Going overseas brings instant financial savings, that you can then reinvest in your business, locally.

22. Most virtual assistants in developing countries value, and sometimes just plain need their jobs more than you might think. Meaning more productivity and ultimately more output on a day to day basis from them.

2How about more quality time for YOU…? Like Jessica (USA), here!

Grow Your Business in a SMART Way!

23. Back in 2010 when I made the escape from my office, I was doing it for my personal reasons. However, since then I’ve realized that my virtual team has helped our company to grow in not only an efficient way, but also in a much faster manner.

24. Having a small army of virtual employees at your disposal means that you become a master delegator, promoting not just your personal productivity, but that of your business as a whole.

25. Working with virtual staff, at an arms length means that you have to become more focused from an operational standpoint – putting SOPs and other systems / processes in place. This mindset shift alone allows for more regualr growth spurts over time.

26. Eventually, you’ll have a few different VAs in different roles, working for you. Stopping yourself from being a ‘manager of people’, and becoming a ‘business builder’ again (by promoting your GVA to the role of Project Manager VA) means that you can start focusing on providing more solutions to your clients problems – hence developing more products and services, leading to increased profits.

27. Letting go, building your team and developing your staff on an individual basis is just plain smart. It maximizes your teams impact on your business, and puts your own personal growth on steroids – all of which ends up with you becoming a more fulfilled, successful and happy entrepreneur.

QUESTION: Have you been sitting on the fence about hiring virtual staff? If so, what’s holding you up? Ask me anything on this subject, I want to help you get over the hump so you can start to achieve your own Virtual Freedom!

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