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NBP019 – Smart, Super-Selling Book Marketing Tactics, with Farnoosh Brock

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Farnoosh Brock - entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster, yogi, and author of Healthy Juicer's Bible

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With the explosion of e-publishing, you’d think the age of physical books was coming to an end. But this is far from the truth! Certain genres of books are still thriving, and many authors are selling thousands of copies – and it’s not just superstars like JK Rowling!

The publishing world has evolved: today’s authors have more resources than ever to help them market their books, get exposure, and sell copies. From Amazon, to GoodReads, to Google+, the list goes on.

In this episode, I speak with Farnoosh Brock about book marketing. She reveals the strategies she used to sell over 10,000 copies of her first book – and that’s just one month after the launch! As someone who is in the process of writing his own first book, I’m very excited about this interview.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Traditional publishing vs. self-publishing.
  • Why it’s important to publish your work as soon as possible.
  • How to make an impression on a book publisher as a first time author.
  • How to put together a successful marketing campaign for your book.
  • What to do before & after your book launch.
  • How to use the power of community to help get the word out.
  • The ideal time to start marketing your book before the launch.
  • How to do a giveaway the right way.
  • What it takes to get your book discovered, talked about, and purchased.

Items mentioned in this episode:

Hope you had your notebooks handy for that one – isn’t Farnoosh fantastic? I loved all her actionable tips and techniques, as well as all the stuff about having the right mindset when marketing your book. If you guys want to check out more advice from Farnoosh (and trust me, you do!), head over to her blog at She’s got podcasts and videos too!

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I know you guys have many questions about book marketing – here’s your chance to ask Farnoosh directly. Post them below!

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