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Announcing the Launch of the Brand New’1-Day Business Breakthrough’ Experience

1daybb-logoToday is a very special day. Some could say that this announcement has been almost 5-years in the making.

Ever since myself and Pat Flynn met in person (we’d known each other online for a while) for the first time at Blogworld (now known as New Media Expo – where I’ll be speaking at for a fourth time this coming April!) it was obvious we were going to become good buddies.

However, our relationship has definitely blossomed into more than just casual friendship (hold your horses – don’t start getting funny!!!). Some people have called it a ‘bromance’, however Pat and myself simply acknowledge the fact that we get along like a house on fire, and even though we come from totally different business (and life!) backgrounds, we have more in common than most friends and business partners do.

The Beginning of the Breakthrough

We first discussed the opportunity of teaming up on something together in 2012. It was a passing conversation on a couple of ideas, but nothing came of it. Then, in 2013 when I was planning out my US speaking schedule we came up with the idea of running a one day mastermind together.

Co-hosting an event would be fun, and we’d be able to meet some cool like-minded entrepreneurs in the process, too. We decided on the format – which included everyone in attendance being in the ‘hotseat’ for 15-mins and sharing the struggles and ideas for their business. Then myself and Pat would lead the conversation with the rest of the group and we’d eventually help them get that one clear breakthrough – something for them to walk away with – take action on.

We worked out that we’d be able to roll with 25 attendees (which dropped to 20 for succeeding events), and the tickets were put on sale. They sold out in a matter of days.

The event was a big success.

So, we did it again later that year, and then again at the beginning of 2014, and then in the middle – with another two events planned before the end of the year (I was in the US a lot last year to promote Virtual Freedom). We agreed, hands down that these events were amoung the most gratifying and enjoyable projects we were working on – and we were experiencing it together, which was an added bonus!

Each and every time we held one of these events we got nothing but unbelievable feedback from the attendees. ‘Game-changing’ and ‘Life-changing’ were a couple of terms we heard over and over. Upon announcing our next date, we’d sell out in a matter of days and the waiting list grew and grew.

Emails, personal notes, photos on social media – you name it. The validation of the power behind the event for those in attendance was huge.

It was obvious that we had hit the nail on the head.

chris pat breakthroughMyself and Pat at the first ever 1-Day Business Breakthrough in July, 2013

The Validation of the Breakthrough

Being an entrepreneur is a struggle sometimes. It’s even harder to deal with when you’re on your own. I often talk about ‘entrepreneurial loneliness’, and it was clear that these events were curing that issue for the entrepreneurs in attendance.

Then, in late August 2014 myself and Pat were in Australia together speaking at Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger event. We held a 1-Day Business Breakthrough event when we were there, and both presented on the main stage individually at Darren’s event. We also did a breakout session together on the the topic of why bloggers should consider starting a podcast. It was a huge success – and it was actually the first time that Pat and I presented an actual ‘keynote’ style presentation together.

The audience enjoyed it, and so did we!

Immediately after the session we sat in the bar and enjoyed some tacos and a soda and lime each. We talked about how the session had gone, laughed about the ways that we had taken a couple of shots at each other in front of the crowd (and how they had laughed along with us!), read tweet after tweet after tweet on how the audience felt we had killed it together on stage and then the real conversation started… and it continued as Pat went back to San Diego and I went on a 6-city speaking tour in the USA – finally meeting again at the end of September as we both spoke at the Agents of Change Conference in Portland, Maine.

By the end of that weekend, it was decided. We both wanted to take the partnership to the next level. The impact we were having on other people to the next level. The entire 1DayBB brand to the next level.

1-day business breakthrough

The Re-Branding of the Breakthrough

Soon after that trip was over we got to work on planning out exactly what the brand was going to entail. We were committed to continuing the live events, but with my travel schedule slowing down a little (compared to 2014), we knew we needed to come up with another way to really get the message out there, as well as to help as many people as we possibly could, too.

We knew that we wanted to focus on continuing to get people together. We also knew that we loved the format of what had become known as the ‘hotseat’, where we’d breakdown someones business and build it back up again.

The Podcast (and website!)

Both being podcasters, starting a new, dedicated podcast was a no-brainer. It was perfect, in fact.

Podcasting is becoming bigger and bigger business, as well as way more widely available than ever before. So, it was decided. We’d launch the new brand with a brand new podcast – a show where our listeners provide the problem, and we provide the solution – both together, as well as individually (we don’t always see eye to eye!).

And we figured it was about time that the brand itself actually had a website, too! Up until now we’ve only spoken of it on our blogs! I believe the design of is about as sexy as the come! Seriously. The entire design, look and feel of the website as a visitor is second to none – hop over and check it out!

We launched the podcast yesterday to raving reviews on iTunes, and it’s also available on Stitcher and Soundcloud – here’s the first episode:

We’d love for you to subscribe to the show on iTunes. There are already five episodes available to listen to – with another due out next Tuesday (and every Tuesday going forward!).

PLUS: We’ve got a competition running all this week to help celebrate!

Ratings and reviews help out the show… A LOT. Plus, it totally pumps us up to read your reviews! To celebrate launch week, we’ll be giving away a free, Limited Edition 1DayBB T-Shirt every day through Sunday January 18th.

In addition to the shirts, one lucky person will the GRAND PRIZE, which includes:

  • Muse Brain Sensing Headband (Retail $299.99) – We both use this device a few minutes each day to train our brains to stay focused and calm. It’s amazing!
  • Limited Edition 1DayBB T-Shirt
  • 30-minute private hotseat session with BOTH of us to help you with your business. Conducted via Skype at a later date.

How to Enter Our Launch Competition

1. Leave a Rating and Review for the 1DayBB Podcast on iTunes.
2. Take a screenshot, or pic of your review as you’re posting it.
3. Post the image on TWITTER along with the hashtag #1DayBB

That’s it! This make’s it easy for you to submit and for us to find them, and it also give international listeners a fair chance to win too! We’ll randomly select a new winner at the end of each day from now through January 18th for the T-Shirts, and the Grand Prize will be selected after the drawing is over.

Note: Winners will be contacted through Twitter. You can also join our private Facebook Group, dedicated to the show, it’s hotseats and everyone else that wants to discover their own business breakthroughs!

But wait… there’s more!!!

We’re Not Done! Attend Our *NEW* Live (and Streaming!) Event 

As I mentioned before, the live events are what started this whole thing off. They’re also among our most favorite things to do for our communities and we’re happy to say they’re not going to stop – the next LIVE 1DayBB event is being held on April 24, 2015 in San Diego, USA.

However, things will be a little different.

Where as in the past we’ve had a limited number of people at the event, this time around we’ll be working with hotseat guests that we’ve chosen prior to the event, and showcasing their businesses to a studio audience of other like-minded entrepreneurs – as well as thousands of people tuning in from around the world at their own convenience, via our LIVE Streaming Feed.

That’s right, there’ll be TWO different ways to enjoy the 1DayBB experience!

In-Person Live Studio Ticket: As mentioned, the upcoming live event will be held in beautiful San Diego, CA at a premier location in the heart of downtown. Live attendees will enjoy networking opportunities, access to both myself and Pat, and a fully catered day including lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages (included in the price). We’ll also have a few special guest presenters and live attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in real-time during hotseat discussions. This option is limited to 50 people only.

Online Passport Ticket: Should you choose the Online Passport Ticket option (a fully produced, multiple camera online streaming production – think of it as a live TV show!), you will be able to enjoy the event from the comfort of your own home, office or even mobile device. You will gain access to a private page with the stream from the live event, and you’ll also have access to a chat room to communicate and network with other online attendees, as well as the opportunity to interact over the Internet with the live audience and Pat and I, too! It’s gonna be awesome!!!

Whether you decide to come along and be in the studio audience live, in San Diego, or enjoy the experience from the comfort of your own home via our live stream, you’re promised a business event like none other. Everyone in attendance will get something from all of the Hotseats and expert special guests.



To say that we’re excited about this new business venture together would an understatement.

We believe that we’re doing something that has literally never been done before in the space. It’s a true focus for both of us going forward – even though we each have our own businesses and projects that we work on individually, too.

It’s our goal, our mission… to make the 1-Day Business Breakthrough experience something that changes the lives of thousands and thousands (hell, why not say millions!) of entrepreneurs around the world in the coming years.

We look forward to seeing your reviews and hopefully having you in attendance (either in-person, or online!) at the first live event in April. Gonna come along for the ride?

Question: What’s the one big struggle you’re dealing with in your business right now? Share below. You never know, the answer might just present itself to you…

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