VBL045 – Why YOU Need to be Working a System, with Sam Carpenter!


Sam Carpenter had been running his business for years and years, but it was still facing financial ruin. He was only ‘just’ going to make his next pay-roll bill, and was in bad health, with his ‘work’ engulfing his entire life and almost all of his waking hours. Then, one night, as he tossed and turned from side to side, it hit him. Systems. He had to break his company down into as many systems as possible… It ended up being HUNDREDS!!! But, it worked.

Nowadays, Sam only works a couple of hours a week on his main company, and currently enjoys keeping fit and healthy, spending time working with non-profits and enjoying quality time with Linda, the lady in his life. When he sent me a copy of his book, Work the System, I instantly got stuck into it, and following this interview, and finishing the book – I’m already starting to make certain changes.

You are all gonna LOVE this conversation… I promise.

Throughout the conversation with Sam, we discuss, amongst other things:

  • How he broke down his entire company into systems, so that its totally self-reliant.
  • How putting these systems in place have allowed him to own one of the most successful and profitable call answering services in the world, and keep his employee numbers down.
  • Why utilizing systems in your business and the way you live life in general is more important than ever.
  • Why Sam continues to ‘pay the bills’ himself.
  • Sam’s AWESOME free gift for each and every VBL Tribe member.
  • Much, much more!

As we also discussed in the interview, Sam has got to the point where his business ‘runs itself’. Literally, this is where we should ALL be aiming to get to, as entrepreneurs. That has to stand out to all of us, if it doesn’t there is something wrong there.

Above all, however, the one thing that really stood out for me in this chat is when Sam said that ‘99% of his working hours are spent on creativity’. As someone who is very creative himself, this rang home with me, and certainly got me thinking about further ways to be able to eliminate myself even further from the day-to-day stuff, even though I’ve done a great job on that over the last couple of years.

Be sure to check out Sam’s website and to click over to the Work the System Academy home, too, to find out a little more on that.

What systems have you incorporated into your businesses, online, offline…? Are their certain sections of your business that you’re struggling with? Let us know below… Perhaps we can help each other out a little on things.

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