Why Your Logo SUCKS and How to Fix It!

While I was in San Francisco last April I didn’t get as much time as I normally do to shoot video for the blog. My schedule was simply very hectic… However, I did shoot this one clip on my iPhone4 (along with all the B-Roll footage that goes with it), on the importance of logo design and implementation for branding and business growth.

In the short video I discuss and show you:

  • Why its important to keep your logo clean, and not too busy looking.
  • The original design for my company logo, and why I made several changes to it.
  • How making the changes enabled us (my company) to be seen as a ‘bigger’ fish in the ever-growing world of the outsourcing industry.
  • The ideology behind the logo for my Virtual Staff Finder service.
  • Why so many big brands spend so much time focusing on their logos.
  • Much more…!

Smart Logo = Big Business!

To enable yourself to be seen as a serious business entity, you simply cannot underestimate the power of a strong logo design for your company, and even your personal brand.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours going over logo designs for everything from business cards to letterheads; websites to online products; retail packaging to TV presentations – and every one of them has been priceless in the search for the perfect logo design that ‘says it all’.

I’d love to know what your ideas and ‘rules’ are when it comes to designing logos and branding your businesses and products. Leave a comment below to help everyone out, and look incredibly sexy in the process – a bit like me, in the video! :-)

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