VBL035 – How to Understand Your Business Like Never Before, with Jonathan Fields!

Jonathan FieldsGreat people do great things. It’s a simple way of looking at life. Todays guest is Jonathan Fields. Dad, New Yorker, Entrepreneur, ex-Wall Street Lawyer, Professional Speaker, and amongst other things, a very nice gentleman who went from working 80-hour weeks to starting one successful business after another!

When I contacted Jonathan to be on the podcast we had only shared a couple of tweets together. Never met, never spoke before. But, I knew of him alright, like thousands of other ‘hungry’ entrepreneurs worldwide through the pages of his blog and his excellent book, Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love!

Throughout the course of our chat, Jonathan and I discuss, amongst other things:

  • The mistakes people make when starting their own businesses.
  • How to understand the psychology of your business model.
  • His thoughts on passive income, and why its a little misleading.
  • How he went from working as a consultant 25% of the time to virtually doing none now, and WHY!
  • His thoughts on SEO for bloggers.
  • The power behind social media for sharing content online and why its more important than SEO.
  • Plus much, much more!

Going from a New York, Wall St lawyer to personal trainer, to fitness club owner, to speaker, consultant, author and a whole bunch of other achievements was probably not the easiest path! But, here’s Jonathan, doing what he LOVES to do for a ‘living’, and spreading the importance of that exact concept better than anyone else out there, as far as I’m concerned.

FYI, Jonathan is also speaking at Chris Guillebeau’s ‘World Domination Summit‘ in Portland in a few days… So, if you’re close by, you might wanna check it out. I sincerely wish I was going, I know that much!

If you’ve not got to know Jonathan yet, spend some time with him, and be sure to mention you’re part of the VBL Community. He is a walking, talking business class act!

Are you in the process of just starting a business? Got questions or ideas you want to share with the VBL Tribe? Let us all know below in the comment section, and perhaps we can help out!

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