No More Excuses. No More Procrastination. Catapult Your Business To The Next Level!

In March 2014, a small group of passion-driven entrepreneurs from all around
the world descended onto the paradise island of Cebu, Philippines for one of the
most highly anticipated conferences of the year! It was a runaway success!

And, we’re doing it all over again in 2015!

chris ducker tropical think tank 2014

Selling out in a matter of hours, Tropical Think Tank host Chris Ducker, put together the business event to change all business events going forward. And after nothing but 5-star, rip-roaring reviews from everyone in attendance at that inaugural event, we’re happy to announce we’ll be doing it all again in May, 2015!

Once again, Chris and his team will be bringing in top expert speakers from the online business world to blow your socks off at his intimate, life-changing conference in the tropical paradise of the Philippines, where he has lived for 14-years and built three successful businesses, leading to a multi 7-figure annual income.

This year he’s making room for 50 smart, savvy entrepreneurs to come hang out, learn lots and achieve remarkable business breakthroughs, all while partying their ass off with everyone else in attendance!

The question is… will you be one of them..?!!!

Why THIS Event, and Why in the Philippines?

Not only will we be spending an entire week of fun, frolics and friendship building, but we’ll be also be building for the future. Our futures. The futures of our business, and our very existence as entrepreneurs.

The Philippines is the perfect location to hold an event like this. The weather is amazing, the facilities are awesome, the people are friendly and helpful – and the company that we’ll be keeping for the time we’re gonna be spending together, is going to be nothing short of world class.


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 3.21.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 12.05.24 PM


learning sessions

3 x Half Day Keynote Speaker Sessions

Our beach side conference facility boasts the fastest internet speeds on the island, an intense ‘work, or get out’ atmosphere and more coffee and donuts than you can shake a stick at! Our expert speakers will be presenting the most high-powered, insanely educational and life-changing sessions that you’ve ever experienced – showing you exactly how to make changes in your business to enable you to take everything you do to the next level.

Razor focused and bang-on point, these three sessions each day (a total of 9 over the entire event!) will get your geared up for what the afternoon will bring!

Speaking of the afternoon…

tropical think tank mastermind sessions

3 x Half Day Business Mastermind Sessions

This is where the real magic will happen. There is absolutely nothing better than surrounding yourself with likeminded, highly passionate entrepreneurs and simply ‘talking shop’. The ability to bounce ideas off of people in the same shoes as you, as well as discuss and brainstorm new product and service concepts (and perhaps share a few struggles, too!) is what it’s all about!

Held right after lunch each day, the mastermind sessions will be moderated by Chris and his team to maximize your output and to ensure you get as much out of the experience as possible.

Make no mistake, this stuff is life-changing!


Daily Panel Discussions & Alumni Spotlights!

This year we’re adding a little something into the mix each day. After you and your fellow mastermind’s have figured out how you’ll be implementing all of the tips, tactics, tools and techniques you’ve been introduced to each day, you’ll have the chance to grill the speakers equally on anything and everything that’s on your mind.

We’re also inviting some of our returning attendees, or our ‘TTT Alumni’, to come up on stage and share their wins and business progress since the last Tropical Think Tank, so you can see exactly what’s possible in just 12-months time!

We expect lively, thought-provoking and very candid discussions!


cebu resort

Lots of Free Time at Our 5-Star Private Resort

We get it, you’re coming to Tropical Think Tank to learn, network and mastermind the majority of each day away, sure. However, you can’t be in the Philippines and not enjoy the weather, ocean and other fantastic amenities of our 5-star resort location. A winner of TripAdvisor’s ‘Certificate of Excellence 2013 Award’, it has everything you need to unwind, plus a whole lot more.

After each day wraps up, you’ll have ample spare time to enjoy some relaxation on the beach and by the pool, as well as a few long island ice tea’s. However, don’t go too crazy, as each and every night it’s party time with sumptuous dinners, amazing cocktails and entertainment that’ll leave you wanting more!

welcome drinks

cruise and snorkeling

Sunset Cruise and Snorkeling Adventure

No visit to the Philippines should be without experiencing the amazing waters (and what’s beneath the surface!) that it has to offer. After 3-days of hardcore business brainstorming you’ll head out for a day at sea on our comfy ‘ready-to-rock-n-snorkel’ boat, which will enable you to jump right in and enjoy the magical views of one of the islands most treasured marine sanctuaries.

If jumping in, playing with and feeding the fish isn’t your thing, no problems – stay on board, enjoying some cool cocktails and chilled ambient tunes as we float around for a few hours enjoying the scenery.

As the sun sets we’ll make our way back to our resort where we’ll get ready for the grand finale!

ttt-instant friends

white party

Our Infamous Tropical Think Tank Closing ‘White’ Party!

All good things must come to an end… this is true. However, when you end things the way we do at Tropical Think Tank you do nothing but enjoy yourself silly, dance the night away, eat like royalty and make it a night to remember.

Our White Party is an evening you’ll never forget. With live music, lots of games and awesome prizes, plenty of ‘selfie’ opportunities, as well as one, or two impromptu speeches, our event ends with a lot more than just a bang, thats for sure!

Interested in Attending? Of course you are…!!!

ttt-additional details

Remember… This is an All-Inclusive Event.
Just Get Here, and We Take Care of Everything Else!

What the event includes:

  • 5 Nights at our 5-Star Resort Hotel (May 9 – 14, 2015)
  • Welcome Drinks Party
  • 3 x Daily Speaker Sessions
  • 3 x Daily Mastermind Sessions
  • 3 x Daily Panel Discussions / Alumni Spotlight Sessions
  • Hotel Transfers (from Airport to Resort to Airport)
  • Sunset Cruise and Snorkeling Adventure
  • Epic Closing ‘White Party’!!!
  • Full Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Every Day
  • Nightly Beach-Side Cocktails
  • All Day Snacks and Refreshments
  • A few other little surprises and goodies throughout the week!!!

What the event does not include:

  • Your plane ticket.
  • Any visa requirements (not one person from 2014 needed a visa to attend!).
  • Any additional food and drink (including alcohol), not listed above.
  • Yep! That’s about it..!

ttt-50 slots

The event is now officially SOLD OUT – to stay updated on future
events, please be sure to hop on our mailing list!


Ticket Sales & Refund Policy:

All 50 of the limited tickets for Tropical Think Tank 2015 are sold on a first come, first served basis.
Once gone, they’re gone. Please act quickly to avoid disappointment. If a refund is required, it will be less
a $495 fee to cover admin costs – please note that there will be 
no refunds given after December 31, 2014.