VBL046 – Becoming a Location Rebel and Living Life on YOUR Terms, with Sean Ogle!


Myself and Sean Ogle have been online buddies for well over a year. And it’s taken us that long to get our schedules to match, so we could record this interview for the VBL Podcast! Why? Because the guy isn’t in one place for very long!!!

Location independence is one of those topics that you see being discussed all over the Internet in a number of different ways, by a number of different people. However, from my observation very few of these lifestyle design types are really living a location independent lifestyle, I mean, REALLY do it. Sean is certainly not one of these guys.

He IS living it, and living it very well, for that matter!

In the process of my discussion with Sean, you’ll hear us talk about, amongst other things:

  • What the catalyst was for Sean to break free from the hum-drum of the  ‘normal’ working lifestyle.
  • What the biggest challenges have been working independently and in some remote countries.
  • Why he loves the lifestyle so much and what he does to get the most out of it, from a business perspective.
  • The different things that he is currently working on, as well as how he makes his ‘rent money’, so to speak.
  • His new online course to help others live their optimum lifestyle, Location Rebel.
  • Much, much more!

My whole take on lifestyle design is perhaps a little different to Sean’s, or anyone else’s for that matter. My view is that ‘lifestyle design’ is simply designing a lifestyle that is right for YOU, and the people you love. For example, it would be very hard for me to travel around the world, because of my family and my brick ‘n mortar business. However, that doesn’t mean that I can design a 4-day work week, plenty of time with my family during the day and fantastic weekend getaways…

It’s a long, long journey, and as Sean has discovered and most people in the lifestyle design / location independent sector have discovered alongside him, its also one that is forever changing, thanks to technology in general.

Be sure to check out Sean’s great lifestyle design blog, and when you’re ready to take your own life design priorities to the next level, hit him up on LocationRebel.com and be sure to tell him the VBL sent ya!

Have you spent any length of time ‘on the road’? What was it like? Struggles working seamlessly? We’d love to hear about it. Comment below, at will.

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