VBL038 – PR & Marketing Moves to Sky-Rocket Your Biz, with Peter Shankman!


Peter ShankmanOne in a while you get the opportunity to have a free-for-all type of conversation with someone you’ve never met before, that you KNOW full-well, you will NEVER forget! This was the case when I got the chance to interview Peter Shankman, founder of HARO, author of two successful books and highly sought-after speaker.

Peter is highly regarded as one of major worldwide innovators when it comes to Social Media, PR, marketing, advertising, and customer service. He changes the way that people look at very simple, yet highly important business tasks, and his mindset to entrepreneurism in general is absolutely second-to-none. I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with him, and look forward to meeting with him face-to-face the next time I’m in New York!

Throughout our conversation, we discuss amongst other things:

  • How to be interviewed for an awesome podcast and make a cup of coffee at the same time!!!
  • How to be innovative and a game-changer when branding yourself.
  • What its like to be a sought-after speaker, and get paid to do things he got yelled at for at school!
  • Why ‘cool’ sucks, if you’re not making any money…
  • How companies are taking their eyes off customer service, and why its hurting them bigtime.
  • How he turns his ADHD into a weapon, and why he doesn’t take medication.
  • Plus so much more awesome stuff!

A lot of people are unaware that Peter has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). However, this hasn’t slowed him down as an entrepreneur, and as someone with massive amounts of energy, creativity and passion he has made all of this work to his advantage in creating successful businesses, an awesome person brand as well as becoming a successful author.

Following this interview, I was pumped!!! I got out my iPad and jotted down a ton of ideas for a new project that I’ve been devising for a while, on-and-off. I’m happy to say that Peter gave me that push I needed to finalize the plans for that project and I am now already in the first stages of actually ‘creating’ for it. Thanks, Peter! :-)

Spend some time getting to know Peter Shankman more, everyone – you won’t regret it, and check out his Facebook page, too. Any questions or comments on this session of the VBL Podcast? Awesome… Jot them down below. Cheers!

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