VBL048 – How to Build a Successful Online Community, with Tyler Tervooren!


Tyler TervoorenI haven’t had the pleasure of meeting todays guest face-to-face yet, but I know that when we do eventually meet up in the flesh we’ll just get on like a house on fire. Tyler Tervooren’s thirst for life is clear to see, and the way he approaches community, networking and getting things done is an inspiration for all online entrepreneurs.

Tyler’s fantastic, popular blog, Advanced Riskology is a mouth-watering collection of inspiration, realization and bang-smack in-your-face advice as to why and how you need to be living your life, by taking risks and making things happen. However, what I wanted to talk to Tyler about was how he’s mentioned to create a huge following of brand new blog readers and fans in a realitively short space of time.

Throughout our conversation, you’ll hear us discuss amongst other things:

  • Tyler’s secret behind getting that ‘little bit further’ than most out there online.
  • The catalyst behind Advanced Riskology and why he focused in on the niche of ‘taking risks’.
  • His 1% Club and how important it is to him, and the tribe he’s built.
  • How he put together his first online product, by engaging his community, and why it was a raging success!
  • Plus much, much more.

Community is about as important to bloggers and online entrepreneurs as praying is to the Pope, lets face it! What I loved about this conversation was how free and open Tyler was with his advice, just like my buddy, Pat Flynn, who has also fermented a massive following over the last couple of years online. It’s things like this that really inspire other people to go and do likewise.

Thank you, my tribe, my community… for all the support you show me, too.

If you’d like to find out more about Tyler, the risks he takes and what he has in store for the rest of the 1% Club, then hop over to his blog, and be sure to follow him on Twitter, too.

What type of risks have you taken in the last few months to get your business or personal projects off the ground? Are you actively building your own community, or tribe? Let us hear all about it, below…

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