VBL034 – Taking Control and Living a Minimalistic Lifestyle, with Adam Baker!


Adam bakerIn this session of the Virtual Business Lifestyle Podcast I sit down and chat with Adam Baker, or ‘Baker’ as he is more affectionately known as online, from ManvsDebt.com – a phenomenally successful personal finance and lifestyle design blog. FYI, this was a video interview, but the connection wasn’t great, so I have turned it into audio only.

I’ve followed Baker online on-and-off for well over a year. It was the image that you see on this page (which is the header for his blog) that got my attention straight off the bat. His little girl peering over his shoulder as they obviously had lots of fun together slammed home with me immediately, being a Dad myself.

Baker’s story is unbelievable. He was ridiculously in debt – to the tune of well over $70,000. He and his wife literally sold everything, paid off their consumer debt (leaving just student loans) and moved to Australia with his family for a year to start getting their lives in order.

On this call myself and Baker discuss, amongst other things, the following:

  • How he got into debt, and what he’s doing to get out of debt.
  • Choosing where he invests his emotions and time.
  • My ridiculously old CompuServe email address!
  • His tour of the US in an RV which has been sponsored for the entire trip!
  • His entrepreneurial drive and how he stays productive on the road.
  • The love and affection he has for his family, and why everything he does is for them.
  • Much, much more…

Baker and his ‘get debt free’ exploits have been featured on high-end press outlets such as USA Today, CNN, Fox Business and MSN to name, but a few. There’s a reason for this as far as I’m concerned… He aint the only one in this situation! There are people in debt all over the world, and in the US particularly, where Baker is from and lives – and because of that people can relate with his situation.

Check out Baker’s blog, ManvsDebt and be sure to also see what he’s up to at YouvsDebt.com and his latest online ‘movement’ with VBL friend Corbett Barr, over at The Hustle Project (be sure to view the interview I did with Corbett on this exciting project, too!). What about you guys? Are you in debt? What are you doing to get out of it? Have you already removed debt from your life? As aspiring, and hard working entrepreneurs, focusing on this type of thing is important.

I’d be interested to hear some fo your own personal stories (you don’t have to get too personal if you don’t want to!), in the comment section below – perhaps we can help each other out a little, too!

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