VBL036 – How to Make Money on the Internet, with Chris Guthrie!


Chris Guthrie

Following on from Wednesday’s popular post, where we were discussing niche sites – where it became apparent that a lot of you wanted me to turn my personal Niche Challenge into a full-blown competition (which I’ll do, somehow!), this podcast is VERY relevant, indeed!

In this audio-only session of the VBL Podcast, I speak with renowned internet marketer, Chris Guthrie about his various successes online, and how to be able to get started in the ‘make money online’ space, a subject that I have started to receive more and more emails and questions about over the last few months.

As someone that has only really been online for the last 18-months, in regards to being ‘vocal’, and ‘active’ on the internet, its discussions like this that I really get into, mainly because I know how much content they produce and how many questions they answer for you guys – my loyal subscribers and followers.

In this conversation with Chris, we discuss, amongst other things:

  • How he went from playing video games and making videos, to launching his own web forum – and what he learnt from picking the wrong domain name for it!
  • How he started to come up with high-profit niches, one after another.
  • How he sold a website for a 6-figure deal after working on it for less than two years.
  • Why is advises against building a ‘make money online’ blog!
  • Why focusing on your passion and something that you genuinely enjoy talking about is what you should be focusing on.
  • Chris’ 3 golden rules that he keeps in mind when building niche sites.
  • So much more great stuff!

This interview was actually recorded a short while ago, but I held off on publishing it because I wanted to time it well with my own Niche Challenge (call my selfish, if you like!), so that it would be more relevant for you all. I hope it worked… :-)

I’d like to send a huge ‘thank you’ to Chris for taking the time to do this podcast session with me – be sure to click over to his excellent blog for more info from him. It was a real eye-opener, and I must say that I learned more on this call than I have done for quite some time from one individual. Chris really, REALLY knows his stuff!

It’s All About Passion!

I guess my biggest takeaway was that Chris emphasized one thing that so many experts in this field are talking about. PASSION. Or, more importantly, working on something that surrounds your passion.

What is YOUR passion? Are you working on it now? If not, why not? And if you are, whats working for you? Let us all know below. Thanks for the support!

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