VBL047 – How to Illuminate Your Mind and Avoid ‘Ordinary’, with Jonathan Mead!

Jonathan MeadToday’s podcast guest, Jonathan Mead is a guy that knows what he wants, and goes out to take it, on his own terms, every day. You have to love that! At his excellent blog, Illuminated Mind, his tagline reads “Live and Work on your Own Terms – Don’t read if you want Ordinary!’. I love that even more!

I first met with Jonathan last year at BlogWorld in Vegas. We enjoyed a dinner, together with his wife, and various other great minds that were at the same table, such as Corbett Barr, David Risley, Maren Kate to name a few. And I remember Jonathan because he had this sense of calmness about him. The rest of us were super pumped to be at the conference and were a tad over excited, I would say. But, Jonathan sat there with a smoothness about him that only a man living on his own terms would. This is a man I needed to get onto the VBL Podcast!

In today’s podcast session you’ll hear me and Jonathan talk about, amongst other things:

  • Why its so important to do what you truly love, and being creative.
  • The difference between motivation and purpose and how to take the answer, and apply it to business.
  • How he helps people align their passions to be able to live a life truly worth living.
  • The focus that he had on wanting to work for himself, instead of just going through the motions of working for someone else.
  • Much, much more!

You’ll enjoy this conversation with a real new age entrepreneur that is really carving out quite a following and solid niche for himself.

Spend a bit of time getting to know him some more over at his blog, and be sure to follow him on Twitter, too. Tell him that Chris Ducker sent you, and he might, just might give you a free latte, or something. Then again, he might not!

Are you living on your own terms? If not, why not? Whats in your way? Comment at will…

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