An Inside Look at the Home-Office of a Virtual CEO! (Includes Video)

About six months ago we moved house. It was something that had been on the cards for a while, and although we had looked at a lot of houses in the area where we wanted to live, here in Cebu, Philippines, we hadn’t been lucky enough to find something that was truly what we wanted.

One of the main contributing factors for buying a new house was that I needed a larger home office space. Since I’ve become a Virtual CEO, I am now working from home more and more, and in the old house I was finding myself very constricted on a number of levels:

  • I didnt have a ‘view’, which was quite literally driving me nuts!
  • The aircon was old and noisey, not condusive to business calls.
  • My desk area was small and very limited.
  • I had no full-time space for my video shooting set-up.
  • The room also housed a ‘shared’ family computer.
  • It was on the lower level of the house, where all the ‘action’ is throughout the day.

Above you’ll see that, frankly put, I needed my own space, away from everything else. Somewhere quiet, and motivating. Not noisey and distracting. So, when we visited a one-year old house, designed and built entirely on Feng Shui principles, it was love at first site. Not only that, but the entire top level of the house was wide open and ready to be renovated into the home working facility I needed!

You can see the new home office in the short video tour, at the top of this post.

Needless to say, the difference speaks for itself. I find myself being incredibly motivated and heavily productive in this new environment. The additional desk space is a major factor in this, as I like to spread things out in front of me when I work. Not only that, but the huge whiteboard is a game changer as far as I’m concerned, especially for mind-mapping.

What do you think of my new set-up? Any suggested changes I could make?

As we get ready for the New Year, what steps are you taking to make sure that 2012 is the best year ever for you and your businesses? I’d love to hear your comments below.

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