#NewBusiness Chit-Chat: Facebook, or Google+ for Building an Online Community?

Focus on Social MediaI’m in the process of putting together some pretty major changes to my blogging focuses, schedules and over all online strategies. All will be revealed here shortly, I promise.

One of the main things that I’ve been looking into recently has been that of my efforts to build an online community, away from blogging, for everyone to come together, converse, network and help each other.

When you’re doing something like this, as far as I’m concerned it comes down to a very simple question…

Facebook, or Google+…?

I believe that *most* people have a clear picture of their answer and certainly favor one of the social networking giants, over the other.

Facebook certainly has a bigger number attached to it, in terms of users. However, Google+ is being seen as potentially more authoritative, for the obvious reasons, as well as slightly more ‘entrepreneurial’, too.

So, I’d like you to take 10secs and comment below with your answer.

If you’d like to elaborate, then feel free – but a simple one-word reply is also very much appreciated.


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