NBP001 – How to Use Facebook to Market Your Business, with Amy Porterfield


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It is with great pleasure and excitement that today I publish the first ever episode of ‘The New Business Podcast’ – something I’ve been working on in the background for about 2-months, or so now.

Podcasting is so important to the growth of an online brand, away from the brand (or, in this case, my blog) nowadays. The ability to reach any audience that wouldn’t usually find you is huge! Not only that, but recording these things is so much fun!

I’ll be publishing three full episodes in the coming week, so you’ve all got something to do over the Christmas holiday. Then once a week for the first two months of the year, before slowing down to the regular twice-a-month schedule. Why? Because I just know that the content you’ll be consuming in the next couple of months ALONE, will give you a massive boost to the beginning of the year – trust me!

In the first ever episode I sit down with Facebook expert Amy Porterfield, to talk about the in’s and out’s of utilizing the largest online community in the world to help market and promote your business and brand. You’re gonna love it!

In This Episode

  • The best type of content to share on Facebook.
  • How to get started with Facebook Advertising.
  • The importance of consistent branding across all of Facebook.
  • How to use your Timeline cover image to promote events and more.
  • Why your engagement score will go up with great content.
  • How to utilize promotions and competitions on Facebook.
  • Amy’s #1 tip to doing business in the new economy.
  • Much more!

Important Mentions

It’s clear to see that Facebook, being the size that it is and having the reach that it does, is a monster of an opportunity to any small business owner. The chances of engaging, stimulating, helping and eventually converting casual visitors and fans, into customers and advocates is far greater on a platform like this, than by having someone find you in a random search on Google.

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What did you think of this first episode? I’d like to hear from you in the comments below with any feedback and ideas for future episodes. Thanks for the support.

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