VBL032 – Extreme Lifestyle Design and Long-Term Travel, with Colin Wright!


Colin Wright Exilelifestyle.comWhen it comes to living a seriously extreme lifestyle, on your own terms and making the most of every second available to you, and a travel schedule, there aren’t many people out there that does it better than todays guest (or is it latest victim!) – Colin Wright from ExileLifestyle.com.

Colin and I only really just recently ‘met’ online, but I’ve been a fan for ages and ages. His freebie eBook’s are what caught my attention first. Cracking quality, spectacular design and solid message put them all at the top of every lifestyle designer’s ‘download or die’ list! My favorite being his ‘Personal Branding’ publication.

Although the video side of Colin’s connection let us down a little on this, I decided to post our video (instead of just audio, which I’ve done on occasion when the video has been poor in quality) just because of the interaction we had. You can see that we genuinely got on well, and that the entrepreneurial ‘bounce’ is there in our conversation.

In todays podcast episode myself and Colin discuss, amongst other things:

  • How and why Colin allows his readers and followers pick where he’s going to travel to, and live for short bursts of time.
  • How Colin switched up his business philosophies when he wanted to ‘hit the road’.
  • How he visited 25 different cities in 6 weeks, with two other bloggers.
  • The difference between focusing on one niche and spreading your focus and diversifying your income.
  • How he focuses on work, even though he’s consistently traveling, and the tools he uses to do so.
  • His focus on creating great free content in his fantastic eBooks.
  • Much, much more…!

Another thing worth noting about Colin his is incredible sense of humor. Light, fun and always up for a laugh, I encourage you to check out his great blog, and his musings via Twitter, too. Stay tuned at Colin’s online spaces. Great things are coming his way, for sure…

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