My Free eBook’s – Download ’em NOW!

For some people, the idea of writing a book is a scary one.

Why, I don’t know! I’ve written several of them. Some have done better than others, but ultimately, I got ‘something’ out of each and every one of them. Regardless of what you want to get out of creating your own ebook, they are here to stay with millions of people using e-readers all around the world.

Nowadays, its not just about writing a book – being entertaining, or educating your readers. It’s about building a brand, being seen as an expert in your field, growing a mailing list and much, much more – just like we discuss in the ‘New Business’ Bootcamp.

On this page you’ll see a list of ebooks that have at one point or another either charged for, or used as opt-in magnets. Here, they are available for you to download 100% for free. I hope you get a little something out of whatever titles you end up downloading and checking out.

Saving  The Day The Virtual Way!

This ebook focuses on what it means to work with an outsourced, predominantly offshore Virtual Assistant. It has been downloaded over 10,000 times. Quick and easy to read, it details the benefits involved in working with a VA, how to find them, hire them, train them, as well as other extremely important aspects of working with VA’s to maximize your personal productivity and business growth!

  •  Find out why you need to work with a VA
  •  Tips on managing virtual assistants
  •  Learn how to build a mini virtual team

How to Build Your Brand Online, FAST!

With millions of blog posts published each week, and pretty much every niche already being covered by a number of ‘experts’, getting started online is tougher today than ever before. This ebook will help you get started on building your personal brand, your blog, your products or services, by doing exactly what I’ve done here… Creating and marketing your own free eBook.

  • Learn how to create an ebook from scratch
  • Tips on marketing your free ebook and list building
  • Find out why its so important to have an ‘online brand’

Business Growth and the Outsourcing Lifestyle

Outsourcing EbookIn this ebook, we explore the idea of outsourcing certain parts of business processes, as well as the difference between utilizing professional outsourcing set-up’s, and more entrepreneurial types. This book has more of a ‘corporate’ feel to it, focusing in on working on larger outsourcing campaigns and concepts. It was my first free ebook launched, and still a big fave.

  •  What is Outsourcing, and How Does it Work
  •  Top 10 Ways to Identify a GREAT Outsourcing Partner
  •  The Philippines – A Worldclass Outsourcing Destination