NBP004 – Dominating LinkedIn for Small Business Success, with Lewis Howes


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As we all know, social media is playing (or, rather should be playing!) a bigger role in our overall business marketing strategy than ever before.

Most people tend to focus on Facebook, which we discussed in Episode #1 and Twitter – however, there is one network that is more ‘tuned in’ for business than any other, that gets overlooked way too often, and that’s LinkedIn.

I’ve had a bit of a love / hate relationship with LinkedIn over the years. Sometimes I’m on it all the time utilizing it’s powerful business networks, and enjoying reading the great business content that is share by profile owners, and other times I’ve not touched it for months!

In this episode, I sit down with THE go-to guy on the subject of Linkedin, Lewis Howes.

Lewis has become an amazingly successful online entrepreneur over the course of the last few years and he started it all with LinkedIn. His journey is inspiring, and his advice should be listened to with wide opened ears, as it’s the real deal in every way possible.

In This Episode

  • Why you need to start paying attention to LinkedIn and it’s business mindset.
  • How to build out your LinkedIn profile effectively to attract more action.
  • The different ways to find new people to connect with, and get attention from.
  • How to use LinkedIn to get traffic back to your website, or blog.
  • The importance of using the network to build lead opportunities.
  • One tip that will create on a ton of additional click-thru’s to your website.
  • Lewis’ #1 tip to doing business in the new economy.
  • Much more!

Important Mentions

I can honestly say that this particular conversation got me turned-on to LinkedIn one more time. Following our chat I started working with that ‘One Tip’ that Lewis lays down in this episode and can confidently report that I’ve seen a serious percentage increase on the traffic coming to this site after utilize it!

If you’d like to connect with ME on LinkedIn here’s a link to my profile, and be sure you check out Lewis and what he’s up to, as well – moving and shaking is probably part of it!!!

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Have you had any success with LinkedIn? If so, what did you do to achieve that success? And if you haven’t got active on the network yet, what’s the Number One thing you took away from this session, that you’ll act on immediately?

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