VBL042 – Rock Bands, Stage Diving & Lots of New Rules, with David Meerman Scott!


David Meerman Scott!It feels as if I have been on such an awesome roll, when it comes to getting one phenomenal guest on the podcast after another, recently. And todays addition into the VBL Podcast Archive is absolutely no different, I can tell you!

I have been a MASSIVE fan of best-selling author David Meerman Scott for so long. I came across him first of all via his book World Wide Rave, which prompted me to put together my first free ebook (which you can find on my Resources Page), and then picked up a copy of his New Rules of Marketing & PR (2nd Edition), and on it goes!

Common sense, is the first thing that springs to mind when I read David’s books and listen to him speak. He’s just jam-packed full of it! We spoke about a lot of business and marketing related issues together on this call, but here are a few highlights that you certainly need to make sure you check out:

  • How David looks at public speaking as not giving a speech, but instead ‘entertaining’.
  • How he poised a personal question to President Barack Obama, on live TV – by using Twitter!
  • The fantastic story of one man and his guitar, and an airline… And what came of it.
  • Why he makes it a priority to jump off the stage at his speaking engagements.
  • What attending 426 live rock shows has taught him about being an influencer.
  • How businesses are losing opportunities to make $$$ by not embracing REAL-Time Marketing
  • Plus, much more!

Spend some time getting to know David Meerman Scott a little more. Follow him on Twitter, check out his blog. Also be sure to consume his books, which are all available on Amazon.  He is one of the few people that I will literally read anything and everything that he puts out. And I cant say that about too many people nowadays – nobody can.

Any questions, comments or feedback on this session are greatly appreciated, and I’ll see if I can convince David to pop by and answer a few comments if he has time, too!

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