NBP013 – Mastering Blogging for Business, with ProBlogger, Darren Rowse

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Being a blogger has changed my life. Seriously. I know it’s a bold statement to make, but it really has made a difference in my life.

Both from a personal standpoint, in regards to the relationships I’ve been able to create and the opportunities its given me as a speaker, etc., but also as a business owner, too. Blogging has fundamentally changed the way that I build my businesses.

In February I got the chance to meet up with my mate, Darren Rowse in his homeland of Australia. You might also know Darren simply as ‘ProBlogger’. He’s been blogging for over 10-years, and is one of the most sought-after authorities in the niche worldwide.

We enjoyed lunch together, and talked about a lot of things, blogging was included, of course – as well as podcasting. Shortly after, Darren reached out to me, and invited me to write a podcasting guide for the Problogger audience. The post was one of the most popular in April, with many saying it was the best podcast tutorial they’d come across online, with ‘real’ step-by-step actions. Awesome sauce!

It was a given that when the time came about for me to do a podcast episode on the subject of blogging, that Darren was going to be my go-to guy. And trust me, guys, he does NOT disappointment when it comes to dropping one blogging value bombs after another on our call.

In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • The difference between blogging for business, and personal blogging.
  • How Darren keeps his blogs lively and consistently growing.
  • How to build your blogging presence online.
  • The importance of valuable, actionable content, over just ‘today’s blog post’.
  • How to utilize social media properly, to help grow your blog.
  • Why Darren loves being everywhere, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  • The importance of story telling as a blogger, and why it’s so powerful.
  • What life is like as a full-time ‘problogger’.
  • Darren’s #1 tip to doing business in the new economy.
  • Much more!

Items mentioned in this episode include:

Like I said, for me, blogging has totally made me flip the switch on the way that I build my businesses. The ability to be able to reach out, touch, inspire and have people take action, based on the words that I produce (no matter where I am typing them – these words are coming to you from HK Airport, btw!) is remarkable to me.

I thoroughly believe that if you are not blogging, consistently, as a business owner in the next few years you are going to lose the race, plain and simple. Your competition has started already – I guarantee it!

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Got a question about blogging? Not blogging yet? Why not? What’s holding you back? I’d love to hear what you thought of this awesome conversation with such an amazing, knowledgable source… Comment below! 

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