VBL033 – How to Get Traffic for Your Blog & Crush It Online, with Corbett Barr!

Corbett Barr
has fast become one of my closest buddies online. There’s a few reasons for this… Firstly, he is a super-nice guy with a genuine friendly, helpful demeanor. Secondly, he is a very, VERY smart entrepreneur that came from a corporate background, like myself (so we have plenty in common!), and lastly because he makes a great cocktail..!!!

As the founder of Think Traffic, a blog dedicated to helping people get more traffic to their blog and websites, he’s had marvelous success with his most recent online venture ‘Traffic School’, and talks about that, and many other things in this interview.

Subject matters such as the following are also discussed:

  • How Corbett went from corporate guy, to start-up dude to self-employed, pro-blogger.
  • Why you should be focusing on creating epic content to attract traffic and keep it.
  • How Corbett escaped the 9-5 grind and went out on his own.
  • The excitement of working on his latest product for 4 months and launching it to a huge list of potential buyers – selling out in just 36 hours.
  • How he convinced big names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Leo Babauta and others to be involved!
  • Much, much more great stuff..!

Corbett is as solid of an online entrepreneur as you’ll ever get. He knows his niche very well. He focuses on putting out the absolute best content. And most importantly, he always delivers. There’s a lot to be said for that online nowadays.

Find out more about Corbett and his online exploits at ThinkTraffic.net and his more ‘personal’ and quite frank blog over at CorbettBarr.com.

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