VBL043 – Beginning Your Blogging Journey, with Pro Blogger, Robb Sutton!

Robb SuttonI first met Robb Sutton when I was looking for a designer for this blog. The design you see before you today is very different to the initial VBL Blog. I’ve focused heavily on building a brand for the VBL Blog, and myself to a certain extent, over the last year. However, that first design was sweeet, and Robb was the man that crafted it all. Including the logo that you STILL see today!

Robb is one of those guys that you instantly enjoy being in the presence of. Although we’ve not met in person yet, we’ve spent more than enough time hanging out on Skype for me to know that when we do finally get to meet, we’ll instantly have a blast.

The Journey of Blogging

Recently I’ve been getting more and more emails and comments from people asking about blogging in general. How to get started, how to promote a blog, how to keep one updated properly (without killing yourself) and much more.

I talked a little on this subject with Leo Babauta of ZenHabits fame, in VBL Podcast Episode 23, but always felt we just grazed the surface! I’ve got a solid couple of years under my belt blogging now, but I still class myself as a student of sorts. So, I figured I would have Robb on the show to fill in those missing gaps and to take everything to the next level..!

Throughout the course of our conversation we touch on the following, and more:

  • Why you shouldn’t have a ‘solid’ blogging schedule.
  • How focusing on quality content, more than anything else is what you should do from day one.
  • How making your content easy to digest is paramount to making your content go viral.
  • Why losing certain plugins is important to making sure your site loads fast.
  • How making a checklist and sticking to it everyday is so, so important as a blogger.
  • So, so much more…!

Getting started in blogging is easier now than its ever been, thats for sure. With hosting and domain companies such as Bluehost (which I use), awesome, professional looking themes from providers such as WooThemes, and email list building providers like the phenominal AWeber, you can be up and running in as little as an hour. Literally. (Yes, those are affiliate links! Thanks in advance, if you end up clicking them)

What Robb has done for himself is carve out great niches, and focus on them to the point of becoming well known, highly respected and considered a thought leader in those niches. You can do this, too.

Be sure to check Robb’s ‘BloggingLabs‘ site out for more great free content on blogging, and if you have any questions for him (or me!), feel free to comment below, as always!

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