One of the things entrepreneurs struggle with is goal setting.

Maybe not the actual setting of goals, but the execution and the ‘hitting’ of the goals they put in place.

I struggled with this myself, for years – until I hit on a process that works for me, which includes a couple of big goals a year, quarterly goals and then all that broken up into monthly goals – so I can stay laser focused on what that month, quarter and year is all about for me.

That being said, however, last year leadership expert and NY Times bestselling author, Michael Hyatt launched his goal setting program called 5-Days to Your Best year Ever – and it helped me personally get to a whole new level with my own goal setting (you KNOW I’ve had an epic year!!!), along with thousands and thousands of people around the world who signing-up for it.

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Why You Need to Inject a Little Humor Into Your Message

This is a dual video / written blog post. The message in both is roughly the same. Pick which medium you like the most, and consume.  The importance […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Put All Your Business Eggs in One Basket (or Truck!)

This morning I woke up to see a tweet from someone I had never be in touch with before. It immediately got my attention. At […]

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The Content Marketing Travel Kit – Everything You Need to Create & Market Great Content on the Go!

I just got back from an epic almost-5-week speaking tour which took me to two countries, eight cities and had me hopping on and off a […]

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7 Online Tools to Help You Create Amazing Visual Content

When it comes to online content creation and marketing, we’re becoming more and more attracted to visuals. Visual content has grown in leaps and bounds […]

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10 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Attend Tropical Think Tank 2015

The online business landscape changes at an insane pace and it is up to entrepreneurs to stay abreast with the latest news if they want […]

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30 Online Videos in 30 Days – I Must be Nuts!!! (The #Vidtember Challenge!)

Note from Chris: There are two ways to consume the content within this post. Either carry on reading, or watch the quick clip above! I […]

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For Blog Readers ONLY: ‘Virtual Freedom’ AudioBook Bonuses Unleashed!

Today is a special day for me, as I’m excited to announce that Virtual Freedom is now available on in both AudioCD and Audible Download […]

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Your Brand is What People Say About You When You’re Not Around!

Click HERE to Tweet this Value-Bomb! As an entrepreneur, making it a priority to build my own personal brand has quite frankly turned out to […]

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