obile managementIf you’ve been following this blog for any period of time, you know that I constantly talk about the leverage created by employing virtual staff.  In fact, there’s a team of people behind almost every successful person I’ve met in my many years doing business.

A great example would be James Schramko.  If you listen to the Podcast that I did with him you’ll hear how he takes the concept of “leverage” to the next level (30-60 minutes of work per day for a multi-million dollar business).  He’s currently got a team of almost 50 virtual assistants and they’re responsible for running his entire business.

I think we can all agree that in order to get to 50 assistants, you’ve got to build serious processes and systems into your business.  That’s what today’s post is all about… how to use software to create a lot of get rid of a lot of the dirty work you’re used to doing.

Even if you don’t have the goals of ever employing 50 assistants, systems in your business will still help your life become more enjoyable.  Getting more done in less time is always the goal, and the software currently exists that really help you streamline your business – no matter where you happen to be running it from!

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10 Social Media Tools That Make Everything Easier!

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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Team Building Tools, Services and Resources

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Thought of the (Fri)Day – It’s NOT Just About Me, or YOU!

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Ducker Digest: April, 2014 –
My Monthly Entrepreneur Report

Welcome to my monthly report for April 2014. I’m a little late getting this one out (I like to put them together in the first […]

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How to Use a ‘Nano Podcast’ to Successfully Launch Your Next Big Thing!

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The Quick & Easy Guide to Putting Your Podcast on Auto-Pilot!

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Ducker Digest: March, 2014 –
My Monthly Entrepreneur Report

For the last two months I’ve published monthly reports. No, I don’t go into how much money I make (I’ll leave that to my buddy, […]

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