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For the last two months I’ve published monthly reports. No, I don’t go into how much money I make (I’ll leave that to my buddy, Pat Flynn!). What I focus on is the journey.

The entrepreneurial journey.

In my January report I talked about speaking at live events, hanging out with Gary Vaynerchuk and the launch of my book minisite.

In February I discussed how I was launching a new podcast to promote Virtual Freedom, a course on personal branding and the focus I had on getting ready to host my first big event, Tropical Think Tank. I want to make it clear that I don’t publish these reports to ‘show off’ in any way. There are lots of other entrepreneurs that are out there that are overall more successful than me. I publish them because they help ME stay on track, I know people love to be that fly on the wall, and because I simply love looking back on the month that just was!

This report is a little late, as I was focusing on the launch of the book, and then learning how to breathe again after the launch! :-)

So, without further ado, let’s start breaking down the month of March, 2014.

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My Monthly Entrepreneur Report

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