cd signingWhen I finished writing my book, Virtual Freedom, I was happy with the outcome. I’d worked hard on the manuscript, and even though I learned a fair few lessons along the way, overall, I knew that I had produced the absolute best book that I had inside of me on the subject of working with virtual staff.

I also knew that following its release, many people would buy it. Read it. Review it and (hopefully) tell others about it. All this has happened and I’ve been floating on cloud nine since its launch in April, as I continue to ride the wave that its initial launch has created.

However, nothing could prepare me for what I would experience as I came face-to-face with the readers of the book, as I went on my US Book Tour. I was excited to speak at events and do signings at three different US cities this past month.

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3 Software Platforms to Help Manage Your Virtual Business

If you’ve been following this blog for any period of time, you know that I constantly talk about the leverage created by employing virtual staff.  […]

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10 Social Media Tools That Make Everything Easier!

Social media marketing can be a pretty time consuming focus for any business, especially when you have to stay on top of multiple platforms like […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Team Building Tools, Services and Resources

When you’re getting started building a virtual team of staff one of the biggest hurdles that a lot of people have is knowing what tools to […]

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10 Online Influencers That Will Affect Positive Change in Your Business!

Even the best leaders need to follow, in order to continue to grow. [Tweet This!] At the end of each year I pick three influencers […]

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Thought of the (Fri)Day – It’s NOT Just About Me, or YOU!

It’s Friday.  Generally, I don’t work Friday’s. However, today is a little different as the day began at 9am with a webinar for the brilliant […]

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Ducker Digest: April, 2014 –
My Monthly Entrepreneur Report

Welcome to my monthly report for April 2014. I’m a little late getting this one out (I like to put them together in the first […]

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How to Use a ‘Nano Podcast’ to Successfully Launch Your Next Big Thing!

I recently launched my first ever traditionally published book to the world. It quickly became a #1 Bestseller in three separate business categories and climbed […]

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The Quick & Easy Guide to Putting Your Podcast on Auto-Pilot!

Podcasting is big business. I’ve been podcasting for almost 4-years now and I can directly relate additional business, more profits, more connections, better community building […]

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