VBL031 – How to Launch a Blog, Build a Brand and Make $1M in a Year, with Timothy Sykes!

Timothy SykesEvery now and then you get the chance to meet and converse with an entrepreneur that kinda blows your socks off. My guest today, Timothy Sykes, is one of those guys!

Tim exudes confidence, you have to love him for that alone. But, if you couple that together with the fact that he turned $12,000 of gift money into over $2,000,000 trading stocks and that last year he made well over $1,000,000 (yes, thats 6 zeros there!) with his blog, and affiliated products and services online – its easy to see that this guy is more than just confident. He’s plain SMART!!!

I’ve stressed, time and time again, on the importance of building a personal brand online, and what it can mean to an entrepreneur for the long-term a lot on this blog. Tim’s dedication to his brand and his loyal followers/subscribers is testament to the fact that if you put in the effort, the rewards will come.

Throughout the course of chat we discuss, amongst other things:

  • How he got started as an entrepreneur, whilst still a freshman.
  • What keeps him fired-up and ready to get to work everyday (he average 16-17 hours a day!).
  • How he positioned himself, through pure personality, in a market niche with lots of ‘gurus’.
  • How he genuinely takes time for his clients, to help them – and make more money!
  • The things he does to create a crazy amount of email sign-up’s – all amounting to more click-thru sales.
  • The reason why he drops the odd f-bomb in interviews, and especially in online video.
  • Plus lots of great stuff… Trust me, this is a great interview!

I always talk about my biggest takeaway from these interviews that I do, from a personal perspective. In this case it was the ‘balls to the wall’ attitude that Tim possess. I mean, the guy has made more than $50,000 in a day – one more than just a few occasions. The reason behind this is because he hustles. Plain and simple. He gets up early, works his ass off and does a phenomenal job on making things happen.

Even if you’re not into the stock market, or trading in any way, there is still a lot to be learned from Timothy Sykes. So, make sure you visit his blog, follow him on Twitter and stay tuned on what he’s up to. I have a sneaky feeling he’s positioned for even more success than he has already encountered, and probably with a lot more zero’s attached to it!

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